Saygıdeğer meslektaşlarımız,

EMEUNET tarafından yönlendirilen EULAR Epidemiyoloji kursuna ilişkin bilgilendirme aşağıdaki gibidir.


Dear CL friends, 

As you may know, registrations are open for the EULAR Epidemiology course taking place upcoming June in Berlin. 

Please help us disseminate this among the CL! 

As I think you also know this is a  course that  started in EMEUNET, with the initiative of Laure and of Pedro, to address the needs of young clinical researchers. 

Therefore, in the last years there has been an important collaboration from EMEUNET in particularly disseminating this course and trying to engage Working Group members, Country liaisons etc in the course, and spreading the word. 

I am therefore writing to you to ask you to please help us disseminating the course. Attached a summary of the information.

Most likely EULAR will be sending you this information in their regular requests for you to distribute in Social Media. 

But we would be very thankful if you could also  disseminate this by e-mail, include in the upcoming newsletter and in the usual e-mail to Country Liaisons, as in the past years. And hopefully also give some particular attention to it on Social Media. 

We sincerely  appreciate your help on this!

We hope that this course keeps being  very well  attended by EMEUNET (Working Group)  members :-)

Kind Regards,
Massimo Radin
(also on behalf of Sofia, Pedro and Laure)

Registration is open EULAR Course on Epidemiology